2009-09-13 02:04:15 by ParadoxVoid

Yup. Finally got hit by the ban-hammer. Not too bad though, going 2 years now, and this is only my first ban.

Posting in a spam thread... well, I thought it was a rather humorous jest, but clearly someone didn't think so. No idea who banned me though.

And if anyone's curious as to what I posted, it was "incest is so not cool". Make of that what you will.


New Banner

2009-08-28 11:03:35 by ParadoxVoid

So... a new banner.

I took a screenshot of an Ubered Heavy, and zoomed in a fuckload to get the eyes, and then cropped it, and added the text in Photoshop. Finally I nabbed a pic of the Sandvich off the net, put a red filter over it and added an outer glow with that red/yellow tinge. I'm quite happy with it, for someone who only got photoshop a couple of weeks ago, and has since only used it for crappy photoshop threads in General.

Also made a new sig. It features the medic, for the most part. If you can't see it, trying refreshing your browser cache, or alternatively, just right click on my sig and hit "view image". When you hit back, it should appear properly.

Anyway, someone give me some criticism. I'm wondering what you guys reckon of it as a rookie photoshop attempt.

Clock Day 2009

2009-08-16 03:01:45 by ParadoxVoid

Well, it's been and gone. And what a day. 799 submissions, only 8 blammed.

Also, my first couple of submissions to the portal. Being limited to only obtaining Flash last week, and using a mouse, I made my first few attempts. My first was, as expected, filled with bad Motion Tweens and generally annoying. For my second attempt I put a little bit more effort into it, and it seems that it paid off - it actually made it into the Clock Day 2009 Collection!


So, thanks to all those that recommended it!

Clock Day 2009

A dog ate my video game console.

2009-07-29 05:57:23 by ParadoxVoid

This evening, I get a phone call from my Dad on Skype. Living away from home at University, this isn't an uncommon occurrence, so I answer expecting the normal greetings and boring goings-on of my home.

Instead, I'm greeted by "Has your sister talked to you yet?"
Curiously, I answer no, and ask why.

It turns out that my idiot sister, being careless, left the back door open, so her dog managed to get inside and dine on the coloured plastic that makes up certain crucial parts of my video game setup.

All in all, he ruined 2 nunchuks for my Wii, a Gamecube controller, a TV remote, and a Guitar Hero World Tour cymbal. All up, something totalling to around AU$150 to replace.

The nunchuks are easy enough to replace, but the Gamecube controller and the GHWT cymbal are going to be real problems, seeing as the only place you're going to find them is eBay these days. Also, I've seen these go for as high as $50 to replace, so I'm not going to be happy when I get back.

So I ask a question. When I get back home at the end of the year, do I kill my sister slowly and painfully, or quick and painlessly?

A dog ate my video game console.

Tanooki_John's Pro-Pokemon Club Friend Code List

2009-04-18 21:14:49 by ParadoxVoid

Post your codes either in the thread or comment here - I'll probably check the thread more than this though, but I'll get to both eventually. I've also added a PBR category for those of you that have the game.

Also, if you add someone, PM them, so they know to add you too.

Pokemon D/P/Pt

Fox - 2664 7991 0301 - Platinum - GMT-6
GUnit0001 - 3995 4069 1380 - Diamond - GMT-5
mariopsp - 2450 0520 4510 - Platinum
mrbobbyjoe - 1075 9095 5476 - ?
ParadoxVoid - 2922 6999 2100 - Platinum - GMT+10
ParadoxVoid - 2277 5005 7696 - Pearl - GMT+10
RedQuito - 4339 8538 0350 - Diamond
RedQuito - 1075 7829 5645 - Platinum
RedStripedd - 3952 9438 9073 - Pearl - GMT+10
TheMaster - 3566 8664 5129 - Platinum - GMT+0
verycoolguy - 2192 6127 6436 - ?
Pokemon Battle Revolution

Tanooki_John's Pro-Pokemon Club Friend Code List

Sniper Update?

2009-04-01 17:41:53 by ParadoxVoid

Looks like the next class update for TF2 is going to be the Sniper.

This Jarate looks rather interesting though. I'm guessing it will probably be the melee weapon replacement, since I can't see it replacing the Sniper Rifle or secondary gun. Whatever the case, it looks fun, yet disgusting... also, very Aussie :P.

EDIT: This is most likely an April Fool's joke from Valve. It was actually the 2nd when I saw this on Steam.

EDIT EDIT: Guess it wasn't an April Fool's after all. Or perhaps the joke was that there wasn't a joke after all? In which case, bravo Valve, you've had us fooled for months!

Here's the REAL link confirming the Sniper will be the next update.

Quantum 3 Engine

2008-05-09 04:21:47 by ParadoxVoid

Have you heard of the Quantum 3 Engine? It's a little thing that's being designed by a company called High Voltage Games that is behind the new Wii FPS, The Conduit.
According to this news article, the Quantum 3 engine is supposed to be able to achieve graphical quality similar to that achievable on Microsoft's Xbox 360.

So what does this mean for Wii owners? Hopefully it will be the beginning of the end for the tonnes of 3rd Party shovelware titles that are currently flooding Wii bargain bins. With this engine, 3rd party developers will hopefully stop seeing the Wii as a weak powered console, and release their blockbuster hits, such as Call of Duty 4 and Grand Theft Auto IV on the Wii as well as the two established powerhouses, the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

This should also be a benefit to the developers themselves, since reportedly the Wii is especially easy to program for, while the PS3 is the most difficult, owing to the Cell Processor at the heart of the machine's grunt. The Xbox 360 on the other hand is similar to a PC's architecture, but without the changing specs, making it easier for developers who often have developed their first titles for a PC.

The Conduit looks like a brilliant show of what the Wii can possibly do. Wii owners should just pray for its success, or else continue to endure the tripe that is the majority of non-Nintendo titles.

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Games and WiFi codes

2007-12-07 18:30:27 by ParadoxVoid

Well here they are:
Nintendo DS
Pokemon Pearl: 2277 5005 7696
Pokemon Platinum: 2922 6999 2100
Metroid Prime Hunters: 0430 6656 8847
Mario Kart DS: 0473 6151 7406
Diddy Kong Racing: 4596 7892 8133
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass: 0130 0200 2287
Starfox Command: 1360 1424 0735

Nintendo Wii
Wii Code: 6752 6987 5906 1077
Mario Kart Wii: 2148 8561 6333
Super Smash Bros Brawl: 4597 0905 5244
Guitar Hero- World Tour: 5069 7375 7754

Steam ID: paradoxvoid
Xfire: paradoxvoid
Audiosurf: paradoxvoid
Unreal Tournament 3: paradoxvoid
Games for Windows Live: TheFinalParadox


2007-10-23 01:53:36 by ParadoxVoid

Hmmmm...what to say, what to say...
I dunno...
Don't do drugs kids, it ruins your life.
Yeah that sounds good